How to Slide In Brand Endorsements During Your Twitch Livestream?

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In the world of gaming and e-sports, there’s no better or bigger platform than Twitch right now. While gamers have been using the platform for a long time to stream their audiences’ favorite video games, other types of content creators have begun streaming on the platform as well. If you have recently joined the platform and want to earn off it, you may be wondering how you can incorporate a brand endorsement into your live streams.

In this article, we’ll share with you all the know-how for including brand endorsements during your live streams. So, if you’re seriously considering Twitch as a platform to earn money, read on.

Know about Twitch advertisements

Before you go about doing your brand marketing on Twitch, you’ll have to know about Twitch ads. There are two major categories of advertisements on Twitch:

  • Video ads
  • Banner ads

Let’s look at video ads first. These involve advertisements that are shown on particular Twitch channel streams. Not all channels are eligible for video ads – only channels that are Twitch partners can show video ads. Becoming a Twitch partner depends on a variety of factors such as:

  • How many Twitch followers your channel has
  • The growth of your channel
  • Your streaming frequency

Here’s how video ads work on Twitch – their model involves cost per thousand impressions. Video ads can be placed pre-roll, i.e., prior to the beginning of the content, mid-roll, i.e., during a live stream, or end of streaming, i.e., after the stream has ended.

Now, let’s go into banner ads. Twitch offers the following banner ad types:

  • Super leaderboard: A banner ad placed in a location where Twitch content is searched by users.
  • Homepage headliner: This ad appears at the top of your Twitch channel’s homepage when users visit it.
  • Medium rectangle: These ads appear when users perform searches on the right column.
  • Carousel: Carousel ads appear on the homepage of Twitch and consist of rotating images.
  • Synched units: These ads combine the medium rectangle and super leaderboard formats for increasing ad visibility.

Best Twitch ads practices

When it comes to ad placement, Twitch recommends the following best practices to streamers:

  • Opt for progressive incorporation of ads: Progressive incorporation of ads refers to gradually increasing the ad length. This is often recommended to new Twitch partners as placing lengthy ads right from the beginning may ruin their audiences’ experience. Starting with a minute of ads every hour is recommended, and you can go up to three minutes for optimal revenue generation.
  • Mid-roll ads are the most effective: Ads that appear during a live stream are the most effective, so choose mid-roll ads instead of pre-roll or end of streaming ads. This is due to the fact that before your stream kicks in, users typically won’t feel connected to you. After your stream ends, you’ll have to be at your creative best if you want users to remain on the broadcast to view the ads.
  • Ad breaks should feature adequate spacing between them: Two ad breaks can’t appear one after the other as they may affect the viewers’ experience adversely. Ideally, you should space them out. 15 minutes, at least, is the space that Twitch recommends.

Tell your audience about an ad before it kicks in: Before an ad starts, it’s best to tell your audience that it’s about to start. This will ensure that they aren’t caught unaware by a sudden ad, which, once again, may ruin their experience.


So, that’s about all the information you need to know about ads on Twitch, which will help you with your brand endorsements. Last but not least, we’d like to encourage you to try out Streamular – a software tool for Twitch streamers to get more Twitch views and Twitch shares. Additionally, you can use Streamular to increase user engagement in the form of Twitch comments and Twitch likes.

How to Slide In Brand Endorsements During Your Twitch Livestream? by Streamular Writers,


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